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Our identity

Born as an innovative system integrator in 2009, Databiz evolves in 2018 into a holding company (Databiz Group), in order to scale fast and face the evolving market scenario.

2021 is a milestone year: Databiz Group transforms into Fortitude Group, aggregating innovative competences and methodologies to address the contemporary digital transformation challenges. This rename and rebrand represents a significant step in the company’s evolution, redefining the Group’s identity, driving change and shaping the future of the entire ICT landscape.

The new corporate Group includes Bitrock, a high-end technology consulting company committed to offering innovative solutions in DevOps & SRE, Custom Software Design & Development, User Experience & Front-End Engineering, and Data, AI & ML Engineering, Radicalbit, a software firm focused on the design and development of MLOps & AI products, and ProActivity, which provides extraordinary value to companies through a robust team of IT Professionals specialized in the development of enterprise-level software solutions.

We are a GROUP

We are an innovative tech group that aggregates state-of-the-art competences and methodologies addressing the digital evolution challenges that any company must face nowadays.

Bitrock Logo

Innovative and reliable technological evolution

Bitrock, is a high-end consulting and system integration company, strongly committed to offering cutting-edge and innovative solutions. Our tailored consulting services enable our clients to preserve the value of legacy investments while migrating to more efficient systems and infrastructure. We consider each system in its totality, as a set of interconnected elements that work together to meet business needs,

Radicalbit Logo

Enterprise-grade MLOps & AI Observability

Founded in 2016, Radicalbit is a deep tech company highly specialized in MLOps and AI products. Radicalbit’s innovative approach enables data teams to drive efficiency and reduce time-to-market, staying ahead of the competition and unlocking their full potential. Our software solutions are informed by our vision of democratizing access to Artificial Intelligence, fostering innovation, and enhancing decision-making for companies.

Proactivity Logo

Code quality and premium delivery

ProActivity offers premium-level IT specialists outsourcing services, combining professional competences and expertise in technological solutions and infrastructures to interpret new business models and assist companies in their daily digital challenges, in order to respond to their contingent needs and raising their business to the next level.


We have a mission

Fortitude Group has the ambition to pursue sustainable and reliable innovation.

We aim to face the market with valuable business enabling solutions. This means working together with our clients in order to understand their needs in depth, providing cutting-edge technological solutions and services that are not futuristic, but which lead to immediate and tangible results.

Our Group grows through the sum of skills: year after year, month after month, we create and shape a working environment where talents can express themselves, personal initiative is encouraged and valued, and professional growth is ensured and boosted.


FORTITUDE FOREST For a green, sustainable future

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Our partners

We have developed partnerships with the world's major technology leaders to deliver the best value for our clients.



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